Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here we go...

Wow! The past week has flown by. I think I might start all of my blog entries like that. haha. Here it is, Sunday again. Time really does fly by when you have stuff to do alllll day.

To be honest, this week didn't really hold anything terribly exciting. On Monday, all the new teachers thought that we would be able to get into our classrooms and work on decorating and so on, but we had a change of plans when we were told that someone was taking all of us to immigration to obtain our work visas (or our FM3 as they call it here). We had an appointment at 9 so we got there promptly, but the person who does FM3s was not there when s/he was supposed to be...sooooo we were there until about 1:30 (when they close). The whole day was spent at the office just talking and hanging out, waiting to get them. When the guy actually "interviewed" us, it wasn't even an interview, the most difficult question was converting weight to kilos and height to meters. It made me laugh a little, because Mexicans have so much trouble getting a tourist visa, let alone a work visa and we just waltzed right in and had our FM3 on the same day! The first week we were here, Cecilia took us to a photographer to have our pictures done. We weren't allowed to smile and had to tuck our hair behind our ears. All of them turned out really funny. And really touched-up. But hey...I'm not complaining!!
Megan waiting for her FM3. She's really happy.
I'm not an immigrant anymore!! Nice picture, huh?!
Dang it...I just realized I kind of wrote about immigration in my last post...haha. Oh well, this is more detailed. I already mentioned the store IDEA that is exactly like IKEA...Megan and I bought some stuff for our house, some decorative stuff, stuff for our classrooms, just little things. It was fun, and thank goodness, Yuyo picked us up from there because it was POURING DOWN RAIN and we had a cart full of bags...ohhhh the rescue....again. ha.
Look! No hands!
That same night, Yuyo took us to eat tacos de bistec. We were a bit skeptical at first, but they were out of this world delicious!! It's just a skirt steak that is grilled then thrown on a corn (or flour!) tortilla and drizzled with guacamole. Soooo good. And the best part is they're $10 pesos a taco. that's like 80 cents, like taco bell except real meat. Anyways, I hope we can eat there again soon. And on the topic of food, Yuyo's Mom and Abuelita sent home pollo con crema (a delicious chicken concoction made with chicken, sour cream, salsa, and goodness), homemade black beans, rice, tamales, and steak home for me and Megan to eat. We've been eating it for "lonch" everyday at school. Also, we have found a place right by our house that sells tortas and cemitas, which are both like sandwiches, that are insanely delicious and huge and are only $23 pesos. The lady there loves us. We walk by everyday and say hi. And, Yuyo helps of course!! He always talks to her and she loves him.
Precious little puppy at the taco stand. I gave him food.
So some of us went to see a movie on Wednesday. Los Industructibles (aka-The Expendables). Um, I don't know who won the battle of me going to see a movie with Slyvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. But I did. Obviously the boys we were with won the battle. Not me. In the first 3 minutes of the movie, people were getting shot and blown up. I will say though, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but still pretty awful. So anyways, after the movie, I looked downstairs, and I saw something beautiful. Something that will make the rest of my stay here worth every single minute. It's called "MOYO". It is EXACTLY LIKE YOFORIAAAAA!!!!! For those of you who don't know what Yoforia is, it's a frozen yogurt chain in Atlanta that sells soft serve froyo. This isn't like ice cream though, it's more like yogurt that's in ice cream form. It's a little tart and with fruit on is addicting. Not even kidding. Just to give you some perspective though, in Mexico, an ice cream cone from McDonald's is $9 pesos. Pretty good. A small MOYO cup is $40 pesos!!! And with toppings it's $52 pesos. Needless to say, it won't be a common treat. Considering I could eat 2 meals for that price. ha.
Best day ever!
Wednesday through Friday, we got our Social Security Numbers (which means we have healthcare now! And hopefully a bank account soon...), we participated in training for teaching at an International Baccalaureate school (because that's what the American School is), and we got to work in our classrooms. Here is what mine looks like so far...I'm going back today to do some finishing touches before the kids and parents come pick up their stuff tomorrow.
All of my homeroom kids' stuff on their desks.
Activity rug, word wall, and star student!
My desk! Full of junk...imagine that!
I'm going to put pictures from home on the blue lockers,
so my kids can see all of y'all!!
The view from my desk.
As I said, I've got a few finishing touches!
I get to meet my kids and their parents tomorrow! I'm really exciting, but kinda scared. Prayer would be greatly appreciated. For Megan and I, both! We're about to start on an exciting, happy, scary, fun, annoying, wonderful journey with our kids and their parents and our co-workers. To be honest, I just want the first 2 months of school to be over. So we would have already established a routine and I would know what to expect! ha. After tomorrow, I will be sure to post about the first day. It's only a half day, and the kids are just coming to pick up their books. Tuesday, we actually start in the classroom. Ahhh! 

Thanks for reading! And check back for an update about the first week. I love y'all!! Besos <3.
 Soaking wet from walking back in the pouring rain...


  1. this is so exciting! wish I could sample some of the food you so deliciously described. will be praying for you, lovely friend.

  2. does the start student "get to" sit all by themselves in the little blue chair in the corner? :) your first week is gonna be great!

  3. I read your blog post to Mud. She enjoyed hearing from you. I did too! Love you and remember to be strong and enjoy your first day!
    Love you

  4. Ok so Moyo? Ugh, I was hoping there was something that you would miss about Atlanta (besides me of course)...Your classroom is soo presh! Also, that picture is AWESOME!!! You seriously look mexican, no joke! Thinking and praying for you lots!! love

  5. What you should have said is, "for those that don't know what Yofo is...GO and experience heaven for yourself!!" On another note, love the pic :)