Monday, December 20, 2010

In the words of the great T.I....I'M BAAACK!!

Well...the countdown is down to 1 DAY!!
I really can't believe it's already time to go home for Christmas.
Don't get me wrong...sometimes it seemed to last forever, but's here. 
Someone told Megan today that she read our blogs and reassured her that Mexico wasn't so terrible. If I have come across in a way that I portray Mexico as being a terrible place and that I'm miserable here, that is in NO WAY TRUE!! I love Mexico. I love living here. Being able to live 10 minutes from Yuyo and living with Meggie this semester has been the!! 
This semester I have been struggling a lot with my job and the transition from college to being a grown up, but in no way am I displeased with Mexico. I love my life here, just not always my job. It has definitely been a learning experience though. I have discovered many things about myself through this huuuge change I'm undergoing. I've learned that I like being a student because that what I know how to do. I've learned that I'm not completely sure that teaching elementary school is for me, but maybe older kids. I've learned that sometimes, even when I want to be mad at them, my kids make me laugh when I shouldn't. And really hard. I've learned how to turn on a gas stove. I've learned how to drive in Mexico (which actually is no different than Atlanta). I've learned to talk people down at the market. I've learned how to tell a taxi driver EXACTLY where I want to go. I've learned that I love my family a whooole lot. I've learned to like electronic music. I've learned that I actually do like Mole Poblano. I've learned that I love Yuyo as much as I thought I did. And TONS more. It would take a lot of time to write everything.
So...yeah. Just wanted to clear that up. I will be home in approximately 38 hours!! (But who's counting?) Can't wait to see the WHOLE family and give all of my presents. I'm really excited about that this year. I had a lot of fun buying now that I make a steady income! :)
Thank you for ALL of your prayers and support this semester. Many ways I will never know, but I definitely felt the love here South of the border...maybe that's why I was so homesick! ha. Anyways, I really do wish you and yours the very best this Christmas and New Year. Spend time with the fam, eat a lot, and enjoy every moment with the ones who love you most this season! I pray that each of you has a lovely holiday! 
My last *besos* of 2010!! <3 And as always...thanks for reading.

P.S.-I didn't forget the pictures in the last post...I tried again, and they wouldn't upload. Gotta figure out what the deal is...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas (only on the weekends and at night...)

I'm sitting here in my newly decorated house (thanks to Non and Dud) and all I can think about is how much I want to be at home right now. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Mexico. Looove living here, the job...well it's alright. But...I long to be at home for the Christmas season. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. No school, cold weather, fire in the fireplace, Dud's chili, ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas, Lifetime Christmas movies, Christmas parties, making cookies with Non, sleeping late, cold room and a warm bed, wrapping presentsheaters, Hay Hay looking like a homeless dog because his hair is long, possible snow, indoor heating, Christmas lights, Christmas music on the radio, Andrew Peterson's Christmas concert at the Ryman (if you haven't heard his Christmas CD "Behold the Lamb of God", it  is THE BEST Christmas CD ever!), Strat and Sar's Christmas programs, C.S. Lewis advent devotionals, White Christmas, Miracle of 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Christmas CD, even Christmas Shoes and Mary Did You Know?...I miss all of that. And, because I get home only 2 days before Christmas Eve, I will miss all of it. It kind of stinks.

There was a rumor apparently only through the English teachers (because our coordinator told us) that we might get out on the 17th...well naturally, pretty much all of the other schools in Puebla are getting out then, ohhh but notttt the American School. They decided to not stay longer in July, we'd just go until the 21st...but that week, there won't be any kids at school, and Tuesday the 21st, we're only going a half day. So it's awesome that I have to be here for a day and a half and miss out on 5 more days at home with my family. Thanks. ha.'s almost here. 6.5 more working days so I just need to get over it. I can't wait to be home. Having the fam here (Dud, Non, Tar, and Joy) for Thanksgiving week was probably the best week of the semester! We just hung out. Straight up. That week I had my Civil Ceremony with my kids. They did a little poem about Thanksgiving. It was actually really good. I was proud of them. Non and Joy got to come watch the morning performance and got to meet some of my kids. My class thought it was so cool that my mom and cousin came to Mexico "just for their Civil Ceremony". Like 4 of them asked me later "Did they go back to Atlanta after they watched us?" I took Thursday and Friday off that week of Thanksgiving and we shopped, fixed up my house, played LOTS of Apples to Apples and Imagine If, Non and Dud cooked twice for us, and lots of just hanging out and talking.

Dud cooked his spaghetti one night. Now...if you've never had Dud's spaghetti, you are seriously missing out. It is the best spaghetti I've ever tasted...and most people would agree. It has like 4 kinds of meat, it's chunky, he only uses angel hair pasta, and there is ALWAYS garlic bread to accompany. Sooo delish. Later that week, we also had hamburgers, baked potatoes, taco salad, and some funfetti cupcakes. It was straight up summer cookout food. And it was awesome. We also enjoyed a late night Burger King run one night while we sat around the table of the hostal and talked with each other. Random, but delicious.

The first weekend they were in town, we went to one of the major archaeological sites in Mexico, Teotihuacan. Surprisingly, Yuyo had never been either, so he couldn't give us any kind of tour. Ha. In spite of no tour guide, it was a great day. We got to spend time together in a huuuge, ancient city of Mexico. Who can say they've done that. We also climbed to the top of the Temple of the Sun. HUGE. Not even kidding.

My family also got to meet Querubin. They loved him! Of course, the person he did crude, boyish dog things to first was Dud. Of course. But, he loooved Dud. Dud used his magical powers and every time QB was psycho, Dud would just start massaging his temples and QB would collapse into his lap and go to sleep. It is really funny to watch him interact with people he's not used to. He really loves people. It'll be nice when he stops teething so he won't bite their shoelaces, hands, and pant legs constantly. He's precious though.

I'm proud to say, that while I was at work on Wednesday, Dud, Non, Jo and Tar walked to Cholula all by themselves!! They walked up to the church on top of an ancient pyramid in Cholula and after, they walked around and shopped a bit. I was very proud. On their way to the church, they were stopped (probably happily, it's a very steep grade) by massive groups of high schoolers who were on a field trip to interview native English speakers. Naturally, because they looked American (?) the masses swarmed around them and started reading off of their papers a slew of awkwardly worded questions to each of the native speakers. I wish I could have seen it. haha. Yuyo also took them to Fayuca, the black market. Both Joy and Charlie bought some cute things...I wish I could've gone with them!! I took Joy back later to buy some movies!! ;) 5 X 50 pesos...can't beat it.

On Thursday, Non and Dud went to El Pozo, the campus ministry near the college, to help them cook for the Thanksgiving feast for the students. They made turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, veggies, pineapple casserole, green beans, and corn casserole. It was delicious. Anddd believe it or not, Joy only used one plate, even thought ALL OF HER FOOD WAS TOUCHING!!! hahaha. We were very proud!! Later, after most people had left, I was sitting on the tree swing outside of the campus house, and Joy came over to sit down and TOTALLY flipped us over to our backs on the ground. She slammed her head on the bricks was gross. And really embarrassing. hahahaha. Like really. We were like crying we were laughing so hard. Supposedly it happens to everyone, but I've never seen it happen. ha. Good times.

To end out the week, Non and Dud hung some pics and mirrors in my room, they fixed up our living room/dining room downstairs, hung pictures and little window treatments. It looks muuuch more homey now. They spent time and money helping us feel more at home and I am very very thankful. We also went to some markets in Puebla on Saturday and shopped around and ate at El Paisa for the "last supper". It was great. All in all, I could not have asked for a better week. It was a great, relaxing family visit. Seriously, if they could be here all the time, I really think my job would not be as bad because I would know I have my family to come home to every afternoon. Out of everything I've learned so far this semester, one of the main things is that I know I want to be close to my family in the long run. Life's too short to be away from them. It's hard to find people that truly truly love you for who you are, good and bad. But I know I have that in them. And it's nice to know that. I pray all of you can find that in your family and/or friendships.

Special shout out thank you to Yuyo too. He helped take the fam around in his free time and planned EVERYTHING for our day trip to Teotihuacan. It was great. Thanks Yuyito. Eres mi favorito!! (You're my favorite!!).

Oh, and Lisa, if you're reading, we are going to TEAR UP some TCBY self serve. Nooo way. My plane lands at 11:30 on Wed, the 22nd, so let's say meet at 1 pm??

So, in the words of Dolly and Kenny "I'll be home with bells on....I'll be home with bells on....Trim the tree and wrap the presents, turn the Christmas music on, this Christmas I'll be home with bells onnnn!!!" Thanks for your prayers. I need them  now more than ever!! Merry Christmas everybody!!

(My internet is not letting me upload pictures right now...I proooomise this post will be revised with pictures...picture-less posts are boring!)