Monday, December 20, 2010

In the words of the great T.I....I'M BAAACK!!

Well...the countdown is down to 1 DAY!!
I really can't believe it's already time to go home for Christmas.
Don't get me wrong...sometimes it seemed to last forever, but's here. 
Someone told Megan today that she read our blogs and reassured her that Mexico wasn't so terrible. If I have come across in a way that I portray Mexico as being a terrible place and that I'm miserable here, that is in NO WAY TRUE!! I love Mexico. I love living here. Being able to live 10 minutes from Yuyo and living with Meggie this semester has been the!! 
This semester I have been struggling a lot with my job and the transition from college to being a grown up, but in no way am I displeased with Mexico. I love my life here, just not always my job. It has definitely been a learning experience though. I have discovered many things about myself through this huuuge change I'm undergoing. I've learned that I like being a student because that what I know how to do. I've learned that I'm not completely sure that teaching elementary school is for me, but maybe older kids. I've learned that sometimes, even when I want to be mad at them, my kids make me laugh when I shouldn't. And really hard. I've learned how to turn on a gas stove. I've learned how to drive in Mexico (which actually is no different than Atlanta). I've learned to talk people down at the market. I've learned how to tell a taxi driver EXACTLY where I want to go. I've learned that I love my family a whooole lot. I've learned to like electronic music. I've learned that I actually do like Mole Poblano. I've learned that I love Yuyo as much as I thought I did. And TONS more. It would take a lot of time to write everything.
So...yeah. Just wanted to clear that up. I will be home in approximately 38 hours!! (But who's counting?) Can't wait to see the WHOLE family and give all of my presents. I'm really excited about that this year. I had a lot of fun buying now that I make a steady income! :)
Thank you for ALL of your prayers and support this semester. Many ways I will never know, but I definitely felt the love here South of the border...maybe that's why I was so homesick! ha. Anyways, I really do wish you and yours the very best this Christmas and New Year. Spend time with the fam, eat a lot, and enjoy every moment with the ones who love you most this season! I pray that each of you has a lovely holiday! 
My last *besos* of 2010!! <3 And as always...thanks for reading.

P.S.-I didn't forget the pictures in the last post...I tried again, and they wouldn't upload. Gotta figure out what the deal is...


  1. We are excited about you coming home! Growing up is hard to do...but you're doing just fine! Love you Non

  2. Dit, I just now read this and started to tear up a bit! I miss you and your family already! No wonder you were homesick. Home is so wonderful! Have a fantastic 2011!