Sunday, October 24, 2010


Happy Birthday Tar!!!!

Today is my "little" bro's birthday...and I wish I was there to hang out with him and the fam. They went to Houston's for lunch (I'm seriously jealous) and then he did homework all day...not soooo cool. And...Dud called from PNG on some phone in the jungle. haha.

So, here's to you, Charlie Boynton for being awesome and cool and unique and one of the most fun people I've ever had the pleasure of being around. Seriously.
Latest photo of us together in San Antonio bringing home my car!

Monday, October 11, 2010

after 20 hours of traveling and about 16 hours of driving...we arrived to Puebla at about 12:30 am this morning!!...and then slept until about 11 pm.

The trip was loooooong and somewhat tedious, but after all was said and done, I'm glad it is done!! hahaha. The weekend was amazing and I didn't want to leave. But here I am!

There are more details to follow about the trip, but everything went pretty smooth, only a few minor issues, and we're here safe with our bodies and a car with all of the stuff, so overall, it was a success.

Thanks Dud, Non, and Tar for spending time to make sure I am comfortable down here in Puebla. I love you. Non sent a bunch of Halloween and Fall-ish stuff...and clothes...and shoes...and MY HEATERRRR! It was awesome today looking through all of the boxes. Ohhh and a whole jar of Candy Corn and peanuts mixture. Megan, Colleen, and I are super psyched about that one!! Thank you!! More post to follow...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Short trip

So I arrived to Houston last night at about 10 pm...not a bad flight at all. When I got the airport, I called Dad and Charlie and told them I had landed and they said they'd meet me at baggage claim. So I get through customs smooth as butter, I walk through the completely deserted airport (seriously, it was dead and coming from Atlanta, it's pretty bizarre), and out to the ground transport to find that the Houston airport is completely confusing. Apparently the whole city is confusing and Ridge Boynton will never recommend going to Houston to anyone. Charlie said they drove around for and hour and a half looking for the airport because the signs and highways are not foreign-driver friendly. Anyways...I went outside to call them and what do you know? The credit on my phone ran out...with them nowhere in sight. So, being the insightful and intelligent college graduate that I am, I looked at my surroundings and noticed that another building to the right said "Baggage Claim", but I was located in the international I thought "Brittan, since Dad told you they'd meet you in baggage claim (which there wasn't one in the international terminal), they're probably down there...". I proceeded to walk over to look in the building and saw them! I was waving my arms and yelling their names, but they didn't see me. I climbed over the wall, ran down the rocky hill and they started going down an escalator...I screamed louder and ran faster, ran in the building, went down the escalator and finally met them!!! We had a group hug and left the airport. There was lots of talking and laughing...mostly at Dad and at things that he said. We ate at (where else...) Waffle House!!! And then went back to the hotel to sleep.

Let me just say, I loooove showers in the United States. Especially in hotels because there is ALWAYS hot water...even if you want to take a shower that lasts an hour. And they usually have awesome shower heads...with pulsating water. And I could even drink the water if I wanted to, I didn't, but I totally could have. We got ready and headed out to San Anton. The drive wasn't bad at all. Probably 2.5 hours with one rest stop. I got to talk to Non for like an hour and a half on the phone which made the drive seem shorter. We got a text from Yuyo that he had made it to San Antonio and he needed to know where to take a shuttle bus, the problem was, we were just arriving to the city! haha. He made it before us. So...we went to the airport to pick him up and SQUEEEEEZED into the car. Me and Yuyo and a bunch of stuff were crammed in the backseat. It was funny. I wish I'd had a picture. We seriously drove around downtown (which is really pretty...I wish we had more time here) for 2 hours looking for a hotel and trying to decide what to do. So there must be something going on this weekend that we didn't know about because every hotel we checked, there were no rooms. So weird! We checked 6 different hotels. Finally, we decided to get out, get something to eat and walk around the city for awhile before we drove back out to the airport to find a room. Some pics of the afternoon...
Tar at the rest stop just reading USA Today
Dud at the rest stop, just checking the car
Awesome sign. I bet they're total Guids.
We remembered the Alamo, but didn't want to pay to get in...
Dud had a full rack of ribs, fries, and slaw...and then it was gone.
haha. He's a beast!
After we checked in at a lovely hotel near the airport and watched the results of the Alabama vs. South Carolina game, Yuyo and I went to TARGETTTTT!! It was like a long-lost reunion. We were there for 2 hours. It was wonderful. Yuyo bought some stuff...and I bought some stuff. And by some stuff, I mean a good bit of stuff! haha. It was wonderful. Annnd I got a non-fat pumpkin spice latte. The only Starbuck's drink that is worthy in my book. Now we are straight up chillin' in the room watching the LSU vs. UF game. Ohhh the US of A...I DO NOT want to go back...but tomorrow morning at 4:15 am will come, and I will leave once again...and I will be emo. But, there are only like 3 weeks until we go to Isla and then 3 weeks after that until Thanksgiving and then 3 weeks after that is Christmas break. I think  I can do that. I have to do it...then it's another whole semester...but I can't think about that right now.

So yeah, it was a wonderful weekend and I wish I could rewind it. I love being with Dud and Tar and Yuyo (and Non and Hay), and I hate leaving, ugh. Oh well. I just pray that everything goes smoothly crossing the border tomorrow. I have all of my paperwork and everything in line, so hopefully they won't unpack everything in the car, because it was artfully and strategically packed by Dud himself. I have the best family ever. Seriously. No wonder I miss them so much. Ok that's it, I don't want to get emo. If you are praying, you can pray that our journey tomorrow goes well and that we make it to Puebla no problem. I'll definitely get to see lots of Mexico! That will be nice. Even though everything on the news is negative, it really is a beautiful country. So much of it is natural and untouched. You can imagine how the Spaniards found it when they landed there. You can also pray for Dad and Charlie as they travel from San Antonio to Atlanta tomorrow. I hope they can get on the first flight. Their wake up call is 3:30 am...that would stink if they didn't get on the first flight. And also for me feeling homesick. I knew this was going to spark it again. I'm sooo glad I got to hang out though.

Ok...that is all!! Until next time...besos from America!! Thanks for reading and I love you guys!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dreams of Target and Beaches

I KNOW I haven't posted in forever!! I'm really bad at this blogging thing...but just wanted to say that I am meeting Charlie and Dad in Houston on Friday night!!! Yuyo is meeting us Saturday in San Antonio...I am so so so excited.

One word: TARGETTTTT!!!!!

I am SO pumped about that. I've already made a list like 2 pages long of things I want. I cannot wait to hang out with Tar and Dud and just shop all day Saturday. We might try to go and see the Alamo too...who knows.

I know I promised pictures of Mexican Independence Day...but I'm not quite there yet...I need to upload some more photos on my computer and stuff. I don't have any new ones on here...I have about 300 from Mexico City, but I haven't sorted them out yet. It will take forever. Here are some teasers...nevermind because I just tried and it took like 5 minutes to upload one'll have to wait!!

I'm still trying what to decide to do for our vacation for Day of the Dead...the original plan was to go to Isla Mujeres (off the coast of Cancun...) but it's kind of expensive and Megan and Colleen, who were going with me, don't think the money situation will be possible...stinksss. Mom, Aunt Cindy and Lisa are talking about coming down though...hopefully that will work out because it would be ohhhh so amazing. Who knows though. All I know is that something is going to happen, and it's going to be super fun. I can't wait.

So...that's all I have for right now. I think I'm going to take a nap. I am not a huge nap person, but now that I have to wake up everyday at 7 am, a 1.5 hour daily nap is like a dream come true.
I love you guys...thanks for reading, and sorry I don't post as much as I should. Pics coming soon...I cross my heart! Besos. <3