Monday, October 11, 2010

after 20 hours of traveling and about 16 hours of driving...we arrived to Puebla at about 12:30 am this morning!!...and then slept until about 11 pm.

The trip was loooooong and somewhat tedious, but after all was said and done, I'm glad it is done!! hahaha. The weekend was amazing and I didn't want to leave. But here I am!

There are more details to follow about the trip, but everything went pretty smooth, only a few minor issues, and we're here safe with our bodies and a car with all of the stuff, so overall, it was a success.

Thanks Dud, Non, and Tar for spending time to make sure I am comfortable down here in Puebla. I love you. Non sent a bunch of Halloween and Fall-ish stuff...and clothes...and shoes...and MY HEATERRRR! It was awesome today looking through all of the boxes. Ohhh and a whole jar of Candy Corn and peanuts mixture. Megan, Colleen, and I are super psyched about that one!! Thank you!! More post to follow...

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