Monday, August 23, 2010

I survived!!

I have officially completed my first day!!

The kids and their parents (mostly Moms, although there were some Dads!!) came to the school between 8 and 11 to pick up their materials. I'm pretty sure that in all of Mexico, the textbooks and materials for class are given to the students. The Spanish textbooks, that is. Later this week, I have to take my class to the English workroom so all of my students in my homeroom can "check out" their English books. Then, those books stay in the classroom and obtain a list number. Every student in my class (24 to be exact) has a list number. They really come in handy because the English books have to be shared within the 2 classes. So, essentially, 2 students share a set of English textbooks and they share according to their list number. If a book is missing, all I have to do is check who it belongs to on the list and they get in trouble, not me!! haha. That's the important part.

But, all in all, the kids were amazingly cute! I wish I could have had my camera to take a pic of every single one...but that would've been kinda creepy, so too bad. There were some parents that I know are going to be great and helpful...and others, not so much. I think it'll be a great year though. For the most part, people were very nice.

Our Spanish/English team met together today after all the parents and students left, and I was a bit overwhelmed. This week, there is no curriculum planned, we are just building community with our class and getting to know everyone in the classroom. Having the kids for all this time without a clear cut plan of what anyone is doing is kind of stressful for me. At this moment, I'm writing lesson plans for the week. Just took a quick break to update.

On a completely unrelated note, we ate at a Comida Corrida (literally fast food) place today basically right across the street from our house. It was $37 pesos...delish. Seriously. Comida corrida is where you go and it's basically like a home kitchen. They serve a soup, usually rice and beans, then a plato fuerte (like a main dish) and  small dessert, flavored water (today it was piña...oh so delicious) and bread. For under $4 dollars. It's ridiculous. But amazing. So anyways...that's my food comment for my blog today.

Thanks for reading, and praying, and thinking about me, and doing whatever you do! Love you guys.
<3 Besos.


  1. I'm seriously soo happy/excited/elated/all positive adjectives for you!!! lots of love

  2. Brittan, I am so glad your Mom shared your blog with me. I'll be keeping up with it. Reading it has made my day! However, I do not appreiciate the food references as I am starving! Just Kidding. You're a great writer and you're in my thoughts and prayers. I know those kids love you! Leigh