Friday, July 8, 2011

An End and...a Beginning

Welp. I'm done.
I still can't believe it. Done with the school,
with my kids,
with my co-workers,
living with Meggie,
walking to work,
speaking Spanish everyday,
walking to ancient pyramids,
going to the zocalo and walking around in churches older than the United States,
perfect temperature,
seeing Yuyo everyday :(,
being completely uninformed about everything at work,
making new friends,
way overpriced clothes,
super cheap food,
cheladas, esquites, chilaquiles=food in general
talking on gmail to my family,
making excuses not to run (the ground, the area we live, bad shoes, rain, etc.),
Don Rafa telling us "Echale ganas",
QB, my sweet little baby puppy,
Henry Oscar Boynkill (our cat formally known as Oscar),
eating lunch at 2 and dinner at 10,
pizza, cake batter blondies, and OC marathons with the roomie,
going out and staying out until 4 am,
men whistling and kissing at me,
eating at Chili's and loving it (ew...),
being called "meeees" and "teacher" every 5 seconds,
Mexi people watching (the best there is),
leaky/flakey roofs,
nasty showers,
not drinking from the faucet,
not flushing toilet paper,
taking my laundry for a woman to wash and fold (well, I guess that will be Dud from now on...haha), hanging out for hours in restaurants,
asking for the check instead of the waiter pushing you out the door,
Mexican Spanish,
being a tour guide,
taking taxis,
not filling up my gas tank because there are men that do that,
tipping random men in parking lots that "help" you park and back out,
the gas man driving down the street at 8 am Saturday morning yelling to ask the neighborhood if we need gas,
calling everyone by a nickname (corner man, dj, oxxo lady, nasty beard, etc.),
seeing precious little 3rd grade faces everyday,
drinking beer at 2 pm and it being perfectly acceptable,
paying a $15 electric bill every 2 months,
having to buy water from Oxxo everyday,
going to bed like a grandma at 10:30 every night,
just having carefree fun,
sitting at the corner coffee shop downtown drinking chai frappes and listening to reggae music,
paying for parking. everywhere,
tile floors. everywhere,
eating tacos at 2 am from places where hygiene is not an issue,
dogs barking all night,
neighbors throwing parties on Tuesday nights until we leave for school at 7:45 am,
missing Hay Hay,
and the list goes on and on and on.
I wish I could remember, absorb, and enjoy every memory of this year so I could replay it in my head whenever I missed my life here in Mexico. It was a truly unforgettable year that no one will completely understand except one of my best friends forever, Megan. We came here, hated life, loved life, and lived life and now we are done. We were talking today about how this chapter in our lives is over, and we don't really know how to feel. It's definitely a bittersweet thing. Bitter=losing our Spanish level, not being with Yuyo and QB, and a lot of the things I wrote about above and Sweet=getting to hang out with friends and family again. I can still remember the first night here and my first day setting up my classroom. It's so surreal that it has come to an end. Megan has been such a great friend to me this year. I really don't think I could have done it without her. Lil shout out to Meggie Boo Baby. I luh you guh!
Annnnnd there's Yuyo. He's the best thing ever. I definitely could NOT have stayed in this job and in Mexico for a year without his looove and support. I wish I could write everything that he has done and continues to do for me on a daily basis, but there are too many things. I'm so spoiled and used to it, that I probably wouldn't even recognize as much as I should. He is the greatest and I'm so happy to have been able to spend this year with him, growing, fighting (not very often...haha), and working everything out in the end. I loooove you Yuyito!!
And last but not least...YOU!! The readers!! Thank you all for your love and support throughout this year. I couldn't have done it without your thoughts and prayers for me. I love you all and thanks for reading!! These are my last besos from Mexico!! <3 <3


  1. This was very sweet Boo. Thank you, too, Yuyo and Meggie for helping our "baby girl" through. Now a new chapter begins.
    Love you all.
    Non and Dud

  2. well b, first of all your mom and dad are so cute and funny in that comment. second, you did not disappoint so way to go! i'm sad for you leaving mexico but mostly happy because i miss your face...sorry...besos ;)

  3. Sounds like you had some adventures this past year. :) Can't wait to see you!!

  4. Ewww I'm so sorry to hear about those crazy neighbours having crazy parties!!! How have they not been kicked out yet??? I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Mexico, and trust me, you'll miss it, despite all of the weird and backwards things that go down... there are a lot of perks in Mexico!