Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a little....Cheesy side note!!

So...just like the title states, this is just a little cheesy sidenote. In Spanish, cursi means cheesy. It's a funny word! ha.

Today, Yuyo and I celebrated 3 YEARS of being together!! It's crazy how fast time flies. I must have said that a million times in this blog. But seriously, I feel like the past 3 years have flown by. Most of our relationship, we've been apart, but it was really good. I really liked being in a long distance relationship because I really got to know Yuyo. Because all we could do was talk on the phone and on the internet, I feel like I know him in a different way than most people know their significant other. He is really my best friend and someone that I feel like I can tell anything to and share anything with without fear. We went to Chili's (fine dining, right?!-actually we went there because they have TVs so he could watch the 49ers game...) and then went to see a movie. It was a great night. This is our first "anniversary" (I hate that word...haha) of actually being together, so it was a great, chill night.

Here's to you, Juan Manuel Pablo Zorrilla've made my life and my family's lives so much more fun and interesting! I love you!

Ok...done being cheesy. And I will post about Independence Day soon...but not right now. Off to bed for me.
Our first pic together in 2007!!
One of my favorite pics of all time (courtesy of Megan).
2008 in Veracruz
haha. 2009 in Guanajuato
Mexico vs. USA game 2009
Independence Day 2010
Mexico City 2010


  1. Love it girl! And love how similar our relationships have been. If you want to keep following along our path, a ring should come soon :) and then in 5 years the second cutest baby in the world :) Love you girl and miss you!

  2. dit you literally need to update...